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Student Life

St. Christina School — more than just a place for academics. . .


Acquiring knowledge is an invaluable gift but knowledge alone will not give students the skills and tools they need to succeed in life.  Students need to learn the value of taking personal responsibility for their actions and work.  They grow from making mistakes and having the confidence to be persistent in trying something again.  Students need the opportunity to explore new interests and deepen their understanding of who they are and appreciate what limitations they might have. It is with all of these learning experiences and knowledge that students become capable leaders — they become St. Christina students!


For teachers and parents, there is a great deal of pride in seeing a student have great command of knowledge but also capable of expressing him or herself with confidence, poise and a respectful sense of humor!  St. Christina School believes it is our responsibility to help children have these experiences — starting in preschool all the way through our middle school.  We hope our students learn to be compassionate, thoughtful and engaging role models to others — so they represent the St. Christina spirit.


From after school activities, athletics and community service, students are busy becoming compassionate leaders and St. Christina Cardinals.


Some of the many activities and leadership opportunities our students participate in are:

  • Homebound Friends
  • Buddy Grades
  • Academic Bowls
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • National Leadership Conference
  • William Lipinski Essay Writing Contests
  • Lion’s Club Peace Poster Contest
  • Miracles Can Happen baseball games
  • Chess Club
  • Fish Fry
  • Homebound Meals