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Thank you for considering St. Christina School for your child’s education.  We recognize that there are many choices in education today and we are grateful for your willingness to consider the commitment and investment a Catholic education requires.

One of the most important roles of parents and guardians is to instill a love of learning in children.  But, it isn’t simply about preparing children to be “book smart” so they can have outstanding test scores.  A St. Christina education is more than that.  Our students are “life smart”.  We strive to underscore the long-standing tradition of Catholic education and to instill in students the faith, knowledge, morals and discipline that will enable them to fulfill their future roles in life.  We help them learn that they are part of something much greater than themselves.

Now, more than ever, a Catholic education is truly an investment in the future.  Thank you for your willingness to invest in your child’s education.  The dividends you and they will receive are immeasurable.