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Technology Acceptable Use Policy


St. Christina School provides technology resources to its students and staff for educational and administrative purposes. The goal in providing these resources is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication with the support and supervision of parents/guardians, teachers, and support staff. The use of these technology resources is a privilege, not a right.

Access to computers provides the potential availability of material that may not be considered of educational value in the context of the school setting. Appropriate behavior, as it relates to the use of computers, is no different from behavior expectations in all other aspects of the learning and instructional program. All users are expected to use the computers and computer networks in a responsible and ethical manner.

Computers and other technologies have been installed in the classrooms, labs, and library at St. Christina School and are available for the students to use for educational purposes. Students will be expected to use the computer equipment and the Internet appropriately and in a responsible manner.

All student and staff users agree to:
• access sites appropriate for educational purposes only.
• abide by accepted standards of Internet etiquette.
• respect intellectual ownership of copyrighted materials.
• respect equipment and property of the school and others.
• maintain security and privacy by never releasing any personal information concerning self or
others over the Internet.

It is our policy to promote computer use in a manner that is appropriate, responsible, and legal in our endeavor to enhance student learning. All students and staff must follow the provisions of this policy as a provision for continued use of technology. Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy will result in disciplinary action as well as revocation of network privileges.

• Parents/Guardians and students must acknowledge the above policy/guidelines and sign the attached consent form. This form will remain on file as long as the student remains at St. Christina School.

revised 1/2015

Parent/Guardian Consent Form Acceptable Use of School Technology by Student

I / we have read the school technology guidelines,and have discussed them with my/our child. In consideration of the privilege of my child using the school’s electronic communications system* and in consideration of having access to the public networks, I / we hereby release the school, its operators, and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my child’s use of, or inability to use, the system, including, without limitation, the types of damage identified in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
I / We understand that access to the school technology resources is not a private activity and that the school will monitor student activity on any of the school resources including but not limited to the computer system,
e-mail system, and other electronic devices and programs.*
I / we have read the school’s technology procedures and regulations and agree to abide by these provisions. Violation of these provisions may result in suspension or revocation of system access. I / We also understand that any actions taken through the school network that are in violation of the school disciplinary code will be handled in accordance with the code. Appropriate legal authorities may be contacted if there is any suspicion of illegal activity.

Parent/Guardian: (Please initial in space provided below)

_______ I / we do give permission for my child to participate in the school’s electronic communications
system including the Internet and certify that the information contained on this form is correct.

Print name of parent/guardian _________________________________________________________
Signature of parent/guardian __________________________________________________________
Print name of parent/guardian _________________________________________________________ Signature of parent/guardian __________________________________________________________

Student: (Please initial in space provided below)

_______ I have discussed with my parent/guardian how I may appropriately use the school’s technology

Print name of student _______________________________________________ Grade _____________

Signature of student ________________________________________________ Date ______________

…This form will remain on file as long as the student remains at St. Christina School.

*Including but not limited to Internet access, fax, e-mail, stand-alone computer, tablets, and telephone. The parent/guardian is responsible for any damage caused through the student’s inappropriate use of the school’s Internet system.

revised 1/2015