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School Location St. Christina School is located at 3333 West 110th Street in Chicago in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood of Chicago.  Parking is available on several side streets as well as in our parking lot just west of the main school building.

For directions to St. Christina School, click below:

For any questions on how to find us, feel free to call the school office at 773-445-2969.

St. Christina School is located in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood and shares an entire city block with St. Christina Parish.  The school is comprised of two primary buildings for academic learning, laboratories, a library, gym and stage space as well as expansive athletic fields nearby.

Main School Building:  St. Christina School is a four-level building built in 1943..  A new addition was dedicated in 2003 through the generosity of the parish and school community.  The addition allowed for the expansion of the school and created multi-purpose learning spaces including a new gymnasium and allowed for accessibility.  The main entrance of the school is on 110th street.

Gym:  The gym is located between the church and school and is easily-accessible through the main parking lot.  The gym is used not only for numerous athletic and team competitions but as a gathering and community hall and as performance space for our band, vocal and theatrical performances.

Library:  St. Christina’s school library and resource center is located on the second floor of the new wing.  The library contains a variety of resources and learning materials including: books, periodicals, and various reference documents.  Each grade utilizes the learning space and resources of the library on a regular basis.

Laboratories:  Our school is equipped with a computer lab which all students use regularly and a fully-equipped science lab for our middle school students.

Playground:  Students enjoy the spacious outdoors with dedicated space from our school lot.

Athletic Fields:  St. Christina School hosts several athletic competitions and activities on our fields located just a half mile west from our main campus.  Football, baseball, soccer and cheerleading teams use the fields for practices as well as games.